What Our Friends Are Saying

“Best diving charter around! I have found large shark teeth every dive I’ve been on so far. The only downside is the addiction you will start after your first trip. Capt. Mike is a stand-up guy and he’s very knowledgeable. The crew Ryan, Blair, and others have been delightful and professional too. You don’t have to lift a finger with their help! Now I have a handful of LARGE Megalodon teeth that I love to show off. The looks on people’s faces are priceless when I tell them I found the massive shark teeth by scuba diving. Thanks Capt. Mike!”

– Stephen Corry Jr.

“Great crew that knows the facts and area to find fossils! You will learn about the fossils you are going to find and why they are there, which really makes it a cool experience. Been diving for fossils for years over on the West coast and these guys have it dialed in. Only folks I will use in the future when fossil diving.”

– Greg Mooney

“Awesome! Captain Mike and crew were great!”

– Kyle Grucci

“Captain Mike, Blair & Ryan were friendly, informative & provided an amazing day on the water! We were fortunate to have great 15ft viz, and bring up a 2 & 3.5” Meg, in addition to other teeth & fossil. We will be back for sure!”

– Lucien Brady Price

“Captain is awesome! Crew is awesome! Diving for fossils is awesome! Our group of six each found a meg tooth. Can’t wait to dive with Capt. Mike again.”

– Regina Magno-Judd

“Mike runs the best operation in the Venice area. If you want to find fossils, this is the boat to hire. You won’t be visiting the hunted-out areas where everyone goes. You’re hitting spots off the coast of Florida where large and high quality megalodon teeth, mammoth teeth, and other outstanding fossils regularly turn up. I’ve been with Aquanautz over a dozen times, and come away with teeth every time, sometimes extremely nice ones. Every time I’ve been on the boat, someone has come away with what I’d call museum-quality fossils. Mike is always careful to keep you updated on the weather, safe, and his boat is always well-stocked with snacks.”

– Gregory Shane Morris

“There is no better setup in the area. Mike is a great down to earth guy who helps in every way possible. I have always found something for the trophy case.”

– Clay Bulan

“Captain Mike, with Aquanutz Scuba Diving Charters, is the best charter in Venice. He has superior hunting areas, which is the whole reason you’re going. He has spent years finding new areas that produce great fossils. Aquanutz is the best value for diving in Venice, with the best rates for 3 tank dives ! This is my favorite hobby, and I dive as often as I can. I am very glad I’ve found Aquanutz and Captain Mike. It’s always a great day out on the water with Captain Mike.”

– Joshua Frank

“Captain Mike not only knows where the big Megs are, but he knows how to make the dives fun and comfortable for his guests. I won’t go with anybody else!”

– Lance Campbell