Shark Class 

As of today, there are 400 species of sharks that have been

identified.  Some may wonder why there are so many shark teeth found in many different locations.  Well, sharks have 5-7 rows of teeth and as they lose a  tooth, another takes its place.  A shark will lose up to 20,000 teeth in its

lifetime.  Each type of shark has a unique looking tooth.  Below are some photos  of different teeth with the name of the shark they come from.  When you find a  tooth, you can determine the size of the shark by the size of the tooth.

Every  inch of tooth (measured from the corner of the root to the tip) represents  approx.10-13 feet of shark.  So the 5 inch Megladon teeth that we find would  have been over 50 feet in length!!!



Hemipristis Shark


Mako Shark


Bull Shark



Lemon Shark


Tiger Shark


Megalodon Shark